Friday, 24 April 2009

Pär Lindh & Björn Johansson - Bilbo [1996]

Beautiful Progressive Folk album, this is highly recommended!

Line up here is

Björn Johansson (classical guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, bass, bassoon, zither, Jews harp, mandolins, samples, sitar guitar, bouzoki, tin whistle, low whistle)
Par Lindh (drums, timpani, congas, gong, electric percussion, Hammond organ, Mellotron 400 and Mark V, grand piano, harpsichord, church organ, Clavinet D6, Solina string ensemble, Fender basspiano, synthesizers)
Anna Schmidtz (flute, oboe)
Magdalena Hagberg (vocals)

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Pär Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus

Material by this Norwegian Prog Rock band have been floating around for a while so I think most of you know these so I don't need to go on too much the only thing I will say is that they are Full on Prog very nice organ and nothing but excellent music.

1. Baroque Impression No. 1 [9:10]
2. The Crimson Shield [6:38]
3. Mundus Incompertus [26:43]

Pär Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus

Honeyelk - En Quete D'un Monde Meilleur... [1979]

Excellent Zeuhl Formed in France in 1974.


Gérard Blanc (bass, guitar, synthesizer, Fender Rhodes electric piano, vocals)
Christian Blanc (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
Pierre-Yves Maury (clarinet, saxophone)
William Grandordy (grand piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Yamaha CP70 acoustic piano), Frank Lovisolo (guitar), Fabien Giacchi (bass)
Eric Rieuvernet (synthesizer)
Jean Cortes (violin)

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Various Artists - The Recommended Records Sampler [1982]

This is a must for fans of Rock In Opposition, most of the songs by bands on this have never been published. This was originally released in 1982 on LP on the English label Recommended Records, then in September of 2008 they decided to release it on CD. Some of the songs have apparently been released as bonus tracks on the artists cds but I'm unsure which ones these are, so here you have it. I hope you will enjoy this one as much as I did.

CD 1

1. Vogel: "Flaschenzug"
2. Faust: "Extract 5 from Faust Party Three: 'The Voice of the Pumpkin' "
3. Art Bears: "All Hail!"
4. Stormy Six: "Reparto Novità"
5. The Homosexuals: "Walk Before Imitate"
6. Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella: "On ne Peut Plus Compter sur ses Doigts"
7. Feliu Gasul: "x"
8. No artist - "[Changing Sides]"
9. The Black Sheep: "Strangelove"
10. Univers Zero: "Influences"
11. Aksak Maboul & The Honeymoon Killers: "Boss de Crosses dans le Doulos"
12. The Work: "Houdini"
13. Henry Cow: "Slice"
14. Henry Cow: "Viva Pa Ubu"
15. Decibel: "Radio Extract"

CD 2

1. Art Zoyd: "Simulacres"
2. The Muffins: "Two Extracts from 'Chronometers' "
3. Heiner Goebbels: "Berlin Ku-Damm 12 April 1981"
4. Amos: "Steer Clear of England"
5. Conventum: "Commerce Nostalgique"
6. Hector Zazou & ZNR: "Vera C"
7. No Artist - Turning Over Time
8. This Heat: "Pool"
9. The Residents: "Walter Westinghouse"
10. R. Stevie Moore: "Pedestrian Hop" & "Copy Me"
11. Ron Pate: "I Talk to My Haircut"
12. Picchio Dal Pozzo: "Uccelin del Bosco"
13. Robert Wyatt: "The Internationale"

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