Friday, 13 March 2009

Aksak Maboul - Un Peu De L'Ame Des Bandits [1980]

1 - A Modern Lesson
2 - Palmiers en Pots
3 - Geistige Nacht
4 - I viaggi formano la gioventu
5 - Inoculating Rabies
6 - Cinema
7 - Bosses de Crosses

Aksak Maboul - Un Peu De L'Ame Des Bandits


  1. I am studying this album over the next week or so and will post a review at progarchives. My thoughts so far are that is a smoother but slightly less interesting album than their first offering.

  2. I love the song Geistige nacht..downloading to check out the other songs...this music is great while painting, drinking a Duvel and a veiled femmes fatale dancing in front of you.. have to find out why those elephants are flying around my house...thanks for sharing
    peace and greets

  3. This is a good album it has excellent songs and the best part is the cover album because look at the woman seeing the erected man, maybe he took a Viagra without a prescription.

  4. Great RIO album, definitely one of the best--helps probably that Cutler and Frith are here! Just reviewed it on my blog.