Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy Family - Happy Family [1995]

Japanese Avant-Garde Prog Rock with laces of Zeuhl, they have three releases this is the second and I think its without a doubt the best album, but people say the one after is better than this, but to me this has more depth than the latter, I should also put that up if people want but for now I'm putting this one up because it has to be heard. Inspirations come from Magma, Univers Zero, King Crimson and Area and I hear something similar to Present on the 6th track. so that should give you some idea what they are going to be like.
For more info see http://www.progarchives/happy family

1 - Rock & Young
2 - Shige Et Osanna
3 - Partei
4 - Rolling The Law Court
5 - Kaiten (Ningen Gyorai)
6 - Naked King
7 - Drums Whisper Spacy

Happy Family - Happy Family [1995]


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