Friday, 13 March 2009

La Kumpania Zelwer - Daissa [2003]

This is something a little different to what I usually put up, this is Balkan Folk from France, but its a very enjoyable album especially if you like southern european folk music. He has released five albums and this is his latest album.


Jean-Marc Zelwer - Accordion, Clarinet
Maryam Chemirani - Vocals
Dimitri Artemenko - Violin
Pierre Rigopoulos - Zarb Drum
Jean-François Ott - Cello
Michel Feugère - Trumpet
Sylvie Cohen - Keyboards, Toy-Piano, Water Drums
Sylvie Jérusalem - Tuba

01 - Birobidjan
02 - Daissa
03 - Lekhayim! (A la Vie)
04 - Opazdyvaia Na Messu
05 - En Retard Pour la Messe
06 - Trotz Alledem (Malgre Tout)
07 - C'est Pas Tous Les Jours Shabbat
08 - Balagan
09 - Le Roi des Schnorrers
10 - Shir Hashirim
11 - Terra Incognita
12 - Polvere (Poussiere)
13 - Kiddush-Ha-Shem
14 - Trois P'tits Tours et Puis Savon

La Kumpania Zelwer - Daissa


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